The Rabbit Doctors are a team of dedicated Veterinarians and Nurses providing expert care for your companion rabbits. We are passionate about all things rabbity and provide a gold standard of care for your long eared friends. As the brain child of Dr Gerry Skinner, the team has rapidly expanded to provide even bigger and better service to the bunnies of Victoria.

The team provide a primary and referral service out of the Centre for Animal Referral and Emergency in the Melbourne Suburb of Collingwood. We also provide a housecall service for health check ups and vaccinations.

On a day to day basis we treat and manage: 

  • Dental disease 

  • Critical illness including collapse and gut stasis.

  • Cardiac disease 

  • Respiratory disease 

  • Kidney and renal disease

We also regularly preform procedures such as:

  • Diagnostic imaging ( CT scans, x-ray, ultrasound)

  • Soft tissue surgery (Desexing, lump removal, wound repair)

  • Orthopedic Surgery (amputation, fracture stabilisation)

  • Dental surgery ( tooth removal, dental abscess removal, spur management)


By Appointment Only

Monday 9 am - 6 pm 

Tuesday 9 am - 6 pm 

Wednesday 9 am - 8 pm 

Thursday 9 am - 6 pm 

Friday 9 am - 6 pm 

Saturday 1-6 pm 


Public Holidays CLOSED