Consultations at CARE

The Rabbit Doctors offer both routine and referral consultations out of the Centre for Animal Referral and Emergency by appointment. Every consultation includes a full clinical examination for your pet and a discussion on health and husbandry issues that you may have questions about. It is important to arrive on time or to let us know if you are running late so that we can minimise wait times for you and your furry friend. 

Our clinic is located upstairs within the building of CARE. Our waiting room, more fondly known as the Warren, consultation rooms and the hospital are bunny only zones meaning we can make your bunnies vet visit as serene as possible. 

Basic pricelist 

Initial/Referral Consultation:        $125 

Routine Consultation:                  $95

Vaccination during consultation:   $52  

Emergency consultation:                      $185

Please note that whilst we make every effort to attend to your bunny emergencies whilst we are in the clinic, we are not always able to. However, the clinic will always see emergencies as we are supported by a fantastic team of emergency and critical care vets who will consult us if they require our assistance. 



 The Rabbit Doctors also offer a                                  service by appointment