Microchipping is a permanent means of identification that can be performed at home or in the clinic


Microchipping your rabbit identifies them so if they go missing and are found the details in the chip can ensure they get returned home to you. A microchip is about the size of a large grain of rice, and is inserted under the skin with quite a big needle. The procedure can be done either at desexing whilst they are under anaesthetic, or during a home visit by The Rabbit Doctor. Careful use of anaesthetic cream means the procedure is painless.

Once chipped, we fill in the paperwork and send to central animal records, who process your details and send you back acknowledgement of your chip registration. Remember to contact them with your new details when you move house. If your bunny goes missing and if found, a microchip scanner can be used to read the chip number which correlates to the details held at central animal records. They will contact you to let you know where your lost pet is.

Need to update your details?

Keeping your details up to date is crucial. 

To do this all you need to do is contact Central Animal Records on 

(03) 9706 3187. Remember to have a copy of your pets microchip number handy at this time.