What is an emergency?

Contact your local rabbit friendly vet or 24hr emergency centre (CARE) straight away if your rabbit shows signs of any of the following:

  1. Has not eaten for 12 hours

  2. Has not passed faeces for 2 hours

  3. Has not passed cecotrophy's for 12 hours

  4. Has a bloated stomach

  5. Has breathing problems – especially open mouth breathing

  6. Has been attacked by another animal

  7. Has a head tilt / is rolling /falling over

  8. Is limp, cold or poorly responsive

  9. If you see maggots on your rabbit

If your bunny is suddenly unwell and is not eating, contact the 24 emergency service at CARE at 5 Hood Street Collingwood, 3066.

The Emergency and Critical Care team are an extension of The Rabbit Doctors and are highly trained in emergency and critical care. They will be able to assess your rabbit and provide initial treatment.

Call CARE on 03 9417 6417

The Rabbit Doctors ARE  not in the clinic 24 hours a day, but can be contacted by the emergency staff if they need expert advice.