Due to COVID restrictions, our house-call service is not currently running

We anticipate that we will be up and running again in early 2021

In the meantime, if your bunny requires a veterinary check please make an appointment to visit our clinic in Collingwood 

The Rabbit Doctors offer a housecall service for health checks, vaccinations and microchipping within Melbourne. Most areas are serviced. These consultations are by appointment only and you should allow a minimum of three-four weeks for an appointment.

It should be noted that a housecall is not appropriate for an unwell rabbits or emergency consultations.

The house-call fee is $180

This includes an examination of your rabbit and nail trimming if required.

The house-call vaccination fee $52 per rabbit.

If you have more than four rabbits please enquire with our team regarding costs.  

Additional fees are applicable for further procedures and medications



Please call us on 9417 6417 or submit a housecall inquiry.

We will contact you within 2 business days.