Rescue and Charity Work

The Rabbit Doctors are passionate about animal welfare and are lucky enough to work with a number of rescue groups. Our staff own many rescue bunnies between them!

Rabbit Runaway Orphanage

The Rabbit Doctors have been providing veterinary services to the Rabbit Runaway Orphanage for several years.  The orphanage is a charity based in Olinda, Victoria that rescues and re homes rabbits. The rabbit Doctors are big supporters of their fundraising efforts and enjoy their annual  trivia nights.


The Bluey and Alice Refuge

The Bluey and Alice refuge is a small rescue located in the beautiful cockatoo region. They aim to rehome friendly vaccinated, desexed and healthy bunnies and provide a bunny dating service for your existing bunny to find a friend. The rabbit doctors are big supporters of the refuge.

Hope for Buns

Hope for Buns is a non for profit organisation aimed at supporting the welfare of rabbits. Hope for buns rescues homeless and neglected rabbits, rehabilitates them and works to find them loving forever homes. The Rabbit Doctors head off to Traralgon to perform examinations and vaccinations twice a year at hope for buns.

Freedom for Farmed Rabbits

Freedom for Farmed Rabbits is a rescue organisation aimed at improving the welfare and standards for rabbits. They also take in abused and neglected rabbits aiming to find them their forever homes. The rabbit doctors assist in health checks and vaccinations for these bunnies. 

Big Ears Animal Sanctuary

Big Ears is a large non-for-profit charity sanctuary located in the beautiful Longford, just out of Launceston in Tasmania. The 25acre property is home to hundreds of rescue animals including many bunnies. Members of the rabbit doctors travel down to tasmania twice yearly to health check and vaccinate the rabbits, a mammoth task undertaken with a group of volunteers from all Australia